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COVID-19 policy cover and support services

Staff absence insurance

In a time of such confusion and uncertainty, we believe that one of the best things we can provide to our customers is clarity regarding our staff absence insurance.

One of our core company values is transparency, which is why we want to ensure that all our current policy holders, as well as those searching for a new staff absence insurance provider, have a clear picture of what our policy covers regarding absences related to COVID-19.

As such, we’ve created a clear and concise list below of what you’ll be covered for:

COVID-19 is covered in our policy
We do not have a pandemic exclusion in our staff absence insurance policy
Self-isolation for members of staff showing symptoms of having COVID-19 is covered in our policy
We don’t require any proof of a supply teacher being engaged, so how the funds are used is entirely at your discretion

Health and wellbeing support

We know that the last few months has been a particularly difficult time for teachers and schools’ workers. With so much uncertainty around everything from when schools will reopen to the A-level and GCSE results fiasco, things haven’t been easy.

During these challenging times it can feel overwhelming, and your staff may wonder how you are going to maintain their physical and mental health in the months ahead. These concerns are perfectly normal.

As proud advocates for the great work of teachers and all school workers, we feel compelled to do our bit to support those insured members of staff who are shielding, self-isolating or live alone, as well as any of our schools staff who just need some help or support around any concerns or anxieties they may be experiencing.

One of the best ways we can help is through our industry-leading health and wellbeing support service, provided by Smart Clinic. Below we detail some of the most useful services we offer to help our insured members of staff overcome how they are feeling.

24-hour helpline
Provides insured members of staff with around the clock information and guidance on COVID-19, as well as access to counselling and advice on any physical or mental health issues they may be experiencing.

Your insured members of staff will be able to talk to an expert counsellor who’ll help them work through any issues they may be experiencing as a result of COVID-19. All information will be treated completely confidentially giving your staff peace of mind that there is always someone available who they can talk to and trust.

Virtual GP service
Our Virtual GP service mitigates the potential spread of coronavirus by allowing those suffering with symptoms to see a GP from the comfort of their own home. With hundreds of appointments available every day, insured members of staff will be able to see a fully qualified doctor almost instantly. All they need is an iPhone, Android phone, compatible tablet or computer with web access.

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