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Staff Absence Insurance

Standard features of our insurance

At Harrington Bates, we offer cover for the absence types most likely to affect our schools’ staff.

As well as your common colds, flu and joint pain, we understand the countless reasons why school teachers and support staff can be absent from work. It is easy to ignore less prevalent absence types for the simple reason that they occur less frequently. However, the length of these absences is often significantly longer, which can cause a huge strain on a school’s staffing budget.

To address this, we offer a wide-reaching policy which recognises such absence types and includes cover for them as standard. Whether your staff are absent due to adoption, bereavement or jury service, we’ve got you covered. What’s more, unlike many providers we don’t apply additional excess periods for these absences, providing your school with greater value and more money when you claim.

Taking out a policy with us will ensure that your school will benefit from the following policy features, included as standard:

•      Cover for maternities conceived before your policy start date
•      No chronic conditions exclusions
•      Committed in-house claims department
•      Our staff will liaise directly with GPs to retrieve reports
•      Claims made by BACS payment
•      One of the fastest claim settlement times in the industry
•      Improved supporting documentation time limits
•      New bereavement reaction cover
•      Policies from an ‘A’ rated insurer
•      Option of an annual, continuous or multi-year policy
•      Cover for phased returns
•      Cover for paternity and adoption leave
•      Cover for attending court as a witness

•      Stranded staff cover
•      No exclusions for absence caused by an adverse Ofsted report
•      Cover for attending LEA training days or official union duties
•      Cover for interrupted claims
•      Specialist health and wellbeing support service
•      24-hour counselling helpline
•      Occupational health assessments
•      Counselling
•      Pre-placement screening
•      Stress coaching
•      Choose any daily benefit up to £300
•      Choose any waiting days from zero to 30
•      Vary daily benefits and waiting days for up to six staff types

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