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Aspen Insurance UK Limited

Innovators in the management of complex risks
London, United Kingdom

A staff absence insurance provider’s services become redundant without the support of a financially reliable and committed underwriter. Financially stable providers will offer policies from an insurer with a good credit rating. These ratings provided by independent agencies are an indicator of financial stability.

Our policy is underwritten by Aspen Insurance UK Limited, part of Aspen Insurance Holdings. Aspen Insurance UK Limited have a credit rating of ‘A’ by the rating agencies Standard and Poor’s and AM Best. An ‘A’ rating demonstrates a strong capacity for the insurer to meet its financial commitments.

Aspen take leadership in applying innovation, expertise and fresh thinking to their operations. They have many years of underwriting experience and are renowned for offering the highest levels of service and financial security to their clients.

This partnership means that our schools can rest assured that we have the financial strength to settle all claims covered by our policy, without putting their funding at risk.

APL Health

Education specific health and wellbeing support
Cheshire, United Kingdom

At Harrington Bates, we believe in promoting a healthy and happy environment in the workplace. Occupational health services are a great way to help with this and provide schools with the support they need to fulfil their duty of care as an employer, whilst boosting morale amongst their employees.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with APL Health, an industry leading provider of occupational health and wellbeing services. APL Health work exclusively within the education sector which means they have the relevant expertise to help our schools staff with any personal or professional, physical or mental issues they may encounter.

Our schools staff now have complimentary access to specialist around-the-clock counselling services, OH assessments, stress coaching and much more.

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